19 Years Elapsed, Look Here Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Movie News Now

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Watch or Stream Free HD Quality Movies – In 1998 and then, there is a Bollywood film that is very entertaining to us all that is Kuch Kuch Hota Hai movie. Not only in that year alone, so far this film is still widely remembered and liked by many people. Even the children of the era of 1998 who watch this movie, again often watch it because it is such an exciting story.

Do you remember who the players are? Curious how is it going right now? Come on; we’ll figure out how they’re doing now after 19 years have passed.

1. Anjali Khana played by Sana Saeed

You may be familiar with Sana Saeed’s name. But, if you watch Kuch Kuch Hota Hai movie, you must remember once with this one character who is a child of Rahul and Tina. Well, the cute girl with the bando in the Kuch Kuch Hota movie hi this is the Sana Saeed.

When the film was made, Sana Saeed was ten years old. Now reportedly Sana Saeed has not plunged in entertainment Bollywood lot. Himself who is now 29 years old, was busy with his studies in New York. Cool, right.

2. Silent Sardardji played by Partizan Pasteur

The original name of a child who counts stars or named Silent Sardardji is Parzan Dastur. Now, Tarzan himself is still active in acting in Bollywood. The changes that occur in him is also quite significant. Small cute, adult and more.

3. Colonel Almeida played by Johny Lever

Johny Lever is one of the funny characters in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, as he is more westernized managing the Summer Camp where Anjali plays. Johnny as Colonel Almaida is also not a prominent figure. Thanks to his acting success in this film, Johny Lever is currently famous as a senior comedian in India.

4. Anjali Sharm played by Kajol Devgan

One of the significant Anjali figures which is a close friend of Rahul who falls in love with Rahul. If you remember the love story in this movie, Anjali has an essential role in the love triangle of Rahul and Tina. What’s Kajol Devgan doing now?

Himself did not change much, still stay young. Looks different maybe only in a more enlarged posture, because now he is married and has children. Rahul Khanna, played by Shah Rukh Khan

This critical actor maybe you do not need to be asked again .. you must know. His name in the entertainment world of Bollywood is well known. Well, the time to act as Rahul, Shah Rukh Khan is still young but at this age that is not entirely young anymore, his looks still visible.

5. Tina Malhotra played by Rani Mukherjee

Actor Tina may not be acting so much, but its role is critical. Rani Mukherjee’s name is also known in Bollywood. Not a bit of the role he played in Bollywood matches. Just like Kajool, now Rani also still has a beautiful, unique face, it’s a more prominent posture.

6. Aman Mehra played by Salman Khan.

And talking about “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai,” certainly can not leave this handsome actor. Yeah right, Salman Khan! She acts as Aman Mehra who is Anjali’s fiancee who finally finds out if her lover’s heart still holds on to Rahul.

Salman Khan became one of Bollywood actors who made it into the rankings of the handsome man of People magazine in 2004.

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